Jeff 1975I’m no stranger to pinball. From the time I was 8 years old back in 1974, I can remember holding out my hand begging my Mom for a quarter to go stick in one of the pinball machines in the front of Danners 5 & 10 store in small town Columbus, Indiana. At that age I remember having to stand on wooden stools just so I could get a good view of the playfield, stretching my arms to reach the flippers. Lights, Sounds, Moving Parts, Colors, Artwork… I was HOOKED! Whenever I saw a pinball machine, I was checking to see if someone left a credit or the elusive quarter in the coin return. Sometimes I remember winning games and playing for 30 minutes on a single quarter. Other times, down the drain and the game was over in less than a minute. When I was out of quarters, I ran straight to the model kits to check them out and try to get my Mom to buy me one if I was lucky!

Jeff Grandpa MillerFrom as early as I can remember to my college years, I spent a lot of time during the summers with my Grandfather who was a master cabinet maker for Jasper Cabinets in Jasper, Indiana. He taught me the woodworking “Tool of the Trade” in his workshop basement and I have been mastering and using my woodworking talents on classic pinball machines ever since.the pimp

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