1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha Cabinet RESTORE

Just finished doing the cabinet restoration on a 1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha machine! This will be a FULL restore with clearcoated playfield and all new plastics, etc. This is the 2nd one I have restored in the last 4 years. I love the finished look of these iconinc machines from the 70’s.

I stripped and sanded the entire cabinet down to the bare wood. All knicks/blemishes were filled and sanded to perfectly smooth. Cabinet was sealed and then 4 coats of Gottlieb White. Once dry, the cabinet was Black splattered paint using a speical attachment on my airbrush. Now it was time for artwork.

All stencil art was hand cut on cardstock. Yellow was painted first and then Black was painted on last to overlap bleed areas. Entire cabinet took a week to paint in order to let paint dry properly between coats.