In 2005 I started Pinball Pimp with an absolute passion to restore classic pinball machines back to their original glory and beyond! Back then there were few reproduction parts, NO reproduction playfields and parts were very hard to come by. Pinball had not yet “Blown Up” as a hobby, but I sensed the wave was coming. Since then I’ve completed over 70 high-end restorations. Most restorations take between 80 to 160 hours of detailed work to get them to beyond new condition. I’ve restored machines ranging from 1970’s Gottlieb Electro-Mechanical machines, Classic 1970’s Bally machines & Williams & Bally WPC machines!

I was also one of CLASSIC PLAYFIELDS REPRODUCTIONS Original Artist doing such titles as Power Play, Fireball, Comet & Creature from the Black Lagoon!

In 2013 I started Pinball Pimp Cabinet Stencils. Being a career talent as a master vector artist, I’ve designed artwork for over 430 pinball machines spanning multiple manufacturers. Since then I’ve also cut nearly 10,000 stencil sets and shipped all over the world, providing pinball hobbyist the ability to repaint their cabinets with original factory artwork. It’s been a hell of a ride the last 19 years and I plan to continue on if pinball decides to hang around!

• I filmed with Pawn Stars Do America as their Pinball Restoration Expert
• S02 E02 “Sunshine State Steals”
• I have a cameo in the new arcade bar documentary TOKEN TAVERNS

Jeff 1975

I’m no stranger to pinball. From the time I was 7 years old back in 1973, I can remember holding out my hand begging my parents for quarters to go play some of the pinball machines in the front of Danners 5 & 10 store in Columbus, Indiana. At that age I remember staring at the artwork on the machines playfield and backglass dreaming of being that good of an artist when I got older. With all of the Lights, Sounds, Moving Parts & Beautiful Artwork… I was FOREVER HOOKED! Whenever I saw a pinball machine I ran to it, checking to see if someone left a credit on the machine or the elusive quarter in the coin return so I could play a FREE game. If I wasn’t playing pinball, I was building detailed model kits and winning contests. Now I look at pinball machines as LARGE model kits with 10x as many parts.

Fast forward nearly 50 years now and Pinball is BACK and ALIVE!… except now a game No Longer costs a Quarter! “KEEP ON FLIPPIN” Everyone!

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